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The Monsters in my Home



The Monsters in my Home

This documentary brings to light the heart-rending reality of children who are victims of neglect, sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse from parents or people with close family ties.

Production year: 2010

"The Monsters in my Home" is a joint production of Quindrop and the Balearic Islands Television IB3 with the support of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands.

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» Best International Human Rights Documetary, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, 2010.
» Best Documentary Inquiet Festival Valencia, 2010.


"The Monsters in my Home" focuses on the work Carme Artero, a foster mother from Majorca, Spain, who has devoted her time to setting up a foundation in defense of the rights of children who have suffered from abuse. The documentary features testimonies and the experience of people who care of children living situations of vulnerability, such as sexual or physical abuse or neglect and whose parents have their parental custody take away by the Law. It also examines a society that does not recognize this major problem as its own, ashamed of itself because among its members, there are people capable of so serious assaults on children. The facts and figures on child vulnerability are present to inform, give strength and credibility to this crude reality. However, our goal is not to be exhaustive, but to translate a crude reality through the testimonies of those who know, though research and study, or who have been victims, explain that child abuse is more common in our society that what we want to believe.

"The Monsters in my Home" on Internet

The documentary has its own website where anyone interested can access the documentary in its original version with English subtitles for free. The site provides help lines, general information about the film, etc. and links to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to make information easily accessible to professionals, victims and people sensitive to this issue so they can post their suggestions, comments, proposals of action and other initiatives.

"The Monsters in my Home", in "30 Minutes"

As a result of the excellent diffusion and public response to "The Monsters in my Home" a special 30 minutes short version of the documentary was commissioned by the current affairs program "30 Minutes" of the Catalonia Public TV3.

Credits & technical data

Directed by: Marta Hierro & Alberto Jarabo | Executive production: Magdalena López-Baisson & Pablo Azorín Williams | Script: Marta Hierro | Animations: Fran Bravo | Photography: Alberto Jarabo, Javier González & Luis Romero | Edition: Alberto Jarabo | Music: Xisco Albéniz | Running time: 59 min | Format: HDV


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