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Holiday in Chernobyl



Holiday in Chernobyl

It’s been 25 years of the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident. This documentary, researches on the lives of the children that every year leave Ukraine and Belarus for medical and family care in Western Europe.

Production year: 2011

"Holiday in Chernobyl" a documentary co-produced thanks to the involvement of sixty sponsors through the crowd funding website "Kreandu" together with Quindrop and Mallorca TV and the collaboration and support of the NGO Per Ells, the Sa Pobla Town Council and Obra Social Sa Nostra.

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Vadzim is thirteen years old and is now disguised as a devil in the traditional celebrations of Saint Anthony in Sa Pobla a village in Majorca. The diabolical features of his mask contrast with his ​​angelical face. However Vadzim knows well, good from evil, he lives in Belarus, near Chernobyl, in an area where radioactivity is still claiming the lives of its inhabitants. Within a few days, Vadzim and eight children return to their homes or orphanages after spending holidays with foster families of the island. They return to the disaster zone, where evil is invisible, hereditary, and/or transmitted unnoticed through water, food, air and land.

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Directed by: Marta Hierro & Alberto Jarabo | Executive Production: Magdalena Lopez-Baisson, Alberto Jarabo & Pablo Azorin Williams | Script: Marta Hierro | Photography: Alberto Jarabo & Magdalena Lopez-Baisson | Editing: Alberto Jarabo & Magdalena Lopez-Baisson | Running time: 33 min | Format: HDV


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