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Flames in the dark



Flames in the dark

A documentary co-produced with TVC, the public broadcasting network of Catalonia, on the poet Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 24 and has become a myth thanks to his extraordinary poetic personality.

Production year: 2015

Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel (Palma 1913 – Brull, Barcelona, 1938) was a Spanish Balearic poet that in spite of his premature death, he has become one of the most influential writers in Catalan language.

Surrounded by an aura of mystery as a result of his precocious brilliance halted by his short life, this documentary depicts his figure and his short but intense and cutting-edge body of work through the intervention of distinguished philologists and scholars of his biography.

Rosselló-Pòrcel was a pupil of Catalan poet, writer and translator Carles Riba and a personal friend of Salvador Espriu, a Catalan playwright, poet and novelist, to whom he dedicated his opus Imitation of Fire.

He was a poet that transcended its own time since the impact of his verses continue to be present not only in literature, but also in theatre, dance and music.

For this reason, this documentary gathers the voices of prominent creators of Catalan culture such as writer Biel Mesquida and songstress Maria del Mar Bonet, who have been inspired by his work of genius.

Maria del Mar Bonet set to music several of his poems and performed live two of them in a brand new recording exclusively for this documentary, taking the audience to the intangible time of poetry with her voice and guitar. Jaume Manresa, former member of Majorcan pop band Antònia Font, also set to music Rosselló-Pòrcel’s words and composed the soundtrack for the documentary. Actor Miguel Àngel Torrens and dancer Aina Pascual recreated the emotion contained in the author’s verses with their voices and bodies.

As a background, we have the landscapes and images that the “Catalan from Majorca” -as the poet described himself- recalled from his exile in Barcelona: the orange trees from the valley of Sóller, the streets of Palma and the Tramuntana Range’s nature.

This documentary has been broadcasted in programmes such as “El Documental” by Catalan TV channel C33 (TVC) and “L’hora D” by IB3, the public Balearic TV channel.


Produced by: Quindrop Producciones Audiovisuales amb la participació de Televisió de Catalunya | With the support of: Consell de Mallorca, Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, Fundació Lluís Carulla, Ayuntamiento de Palma and PEN Català | Direction: Joan Josep Suñer and Alberto Jarabo | Script: Joan Josep Suñer | Executive production: Magdalena López-Baisson, Pablo Azorín, Joan Josep Suñer | Production: Magdalena López-Baisson | Technical direction: Alberto Jarabo and Aina Riera | Photography: Javier González Bordas | Editing: Alberto Jarabo | Music: Jaume Manresa and Mª del Mar Bonet | Performances: Miquel Àngel Torrens and Aina Pascual | Graphics: Luis Ozonas | Runtime: 56 min | Format: HD

Watch the full documentary online at “TV3 a la carta”


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