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Agent Sicre, The American Friend



Agent Sicre, The American Friend

Through the life experience of Ricard Sicre, (Barcelona 1919-Palma 1993), this documentary reveals the lesser-known US-Spain relations in the in the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, that decisively marked the past and present history of Spain.

Production year: 2014

In the Spanish Civil War Ricardo fought on the Loyalist side going in to exile at the end of the war. After escaping a French internment camp he arrived to England where he served as a Home Guard military instructor. In 1942 he travels to the United States where the Office of Strategic Services OSS recruited him. During World War II Sicre becomes part of the counter espionage branch X2 getting involved in a significant number of intelligence operations related to Spain: at the Spanish Embassy in Washington, North Africa and the South of France.

At the end of the conflict he became a representative of U.S. economic interests in Spain, that lead him to amass a great fortune, in a country isolated politically, lacking all resources and in great need of economic and political support by the USA.

A personal friend of Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, Robert Graves, Salvador Dali, Don Juan de Borbón, Prince Rainier of Monaco, among many others, Sicre was tied to Mallorca through his enduring friendship with writer and poet Robert Graves, and his great passion for the sea and navigation. He died in Palma de Mallorca the 22nd of October, 1993.

Credits & technical data

A TVE, IB3 & Quindrop co-production | Directed by: Pablo Azorin & Marta Hierro | Executive Production: Pablo Azorín & Magdalena Lopez-Baisson | Script: Marta Hierro | Tecnichal direction & editing: Alberto Jarabo | Photography: Javier Gonzalez Bordas | Music: Albéniz Xisco | Graphics: Luis Ozonas | Duration: 52 min | Format: HDV


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