About Us

Quindrop is an independent film & audiovisual company made up by a human team with a genuine passion for media. The keys to our work are authenticity, quality and service mindedness.

Our productions include documentaries on social, historical and environmental issues, educational & multimedia projects, film production and audiovisual production services.


Magdalena López-Baisson Magdalena López-Baisson
B.A. Degree in Audiovisual Media and Master in Documentary Production by the University of Salford (UK). She has directed, among other works: "Displaced" (2005), a documentary awarded by the Royal Television Society (UK) and "Fotomorfosis" video art exhibited at Reina Sofia Museum. Executive producer and/or production director with Quindrop of the following documentaries: "State of Exile", "Holiday in Chernobyl", "Monsters in my home", "Lamps of fire" & "Crocodox".

Javier González Javier González Bordas
An early vocation for the art of light led him to study photography. Javier has worked as a cameraman on a great number of documentaries aired by some of the most renowned documentary programs in Spain: "Documentos TV", " La noche tamática TVE 2-ARTE or "Sense Ficció", "30 Minuts" and "60 Minuts" of the Catalonia Public TV. He has directed the photography of several documentaries produced by Quindrop such as "State of Exile" or "Lamps of fire."

Pablo Azorín Pablo Azorín Williams
20 years of experience in film & audiovisual production and services as executive producer, production manager, location manager, location scout, director and photographer. Graduate in Audiovisual Media by the University of Alicante. Directly involved in the production of well over 300 international and national films, documentaries, and comercial productions. Among other he has produced teh documentaries. "The monsters of my home" and "Lamps of fire". Recently he is been responsible for the location scout and location managment in Mallorca of the Wachowski brothers film "Cloud Atlas".


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